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Vendor Registration

Registration for the Global Vendor List (GVL) is open for Vendors to apply for approval to participate in the IAB Europe Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) at the GVL Portal (Vendor registration). 

Vendors pay an annual fee of €1,575. Once an application is received and they have completed and submitted the Compliance questionnaire, vendors will be issued with an ID and will be listed here.


CMP Registration

CMPs must also register to participate in the TCF and do this by applying for an annual CMP membership with the TCF through completing the CMP application process at the CMP Portal (CMP Registration). 

CMPs pay an annual fee of €1575. Once they have completed and passed the CMP Validation test managed by IAB Europe, they will receive an ID and will be listed here.



Publishers do not have to register to participate in the TCF. Publishers can see a list on the IAB Europe website of CMPs who are approved to participate in the TCF. Publishers can then either select a CMP (CMP Service) from the list that they would like to work with or publishers can register as a CMP themselves and build their own CMP solution (i.e. Private CMP). 

They can also use the GVL to view the Vendors who are participating in the TCF, and to determine which Vendors to include in the transparency and consent user interface (CMP) they make available on their website or app.

Additional Information

Please also visit the TCF v2.2 Supporting Resources page to review the most relevant resources about TCF v2.2, including the latest:  

  • TCF Policies 
  • TCF Terms & Conditions
  • TCF Technical specifications
  • TCF Implementation Guidelines
  • TCF Data Processing Purposes Translations
  • Lists of TCF Vendors & TCF CMPs
  • Vendors & CMP Notifications 
  • Compliance documentation
  • FAQs, Webinars and Blogs
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