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Since 1996 online first. For his clients Oliver Frank is used to analyse, centralize and streamline digital marketing campaigns across all online-channels on multidevice, and achieve fully customizable insights through their proprietary reporting layer. He helps clients to create, launch and manage integrated campaigns efficiently. His work experience: Goldbach, MEC, TBWA, Axel Springer, DQ&A and Gamned!

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The IAB Europe Introduction to Programmatic Advertising Course is the first in a series of training programmes developed by IAB Europe under the guidance of its Education and Training Committee and with input from its Programmatic Trading Committee. It is designed as an in-class course and is currently not available online. The Education Programme that IAB Europe is currently developing is the cornerstone of its mission to support training the next generation of professionals in the online advertising industry, one that is far too often confronted with a shortage of specific skills-sets.

The Introduction to Programmatic Advertising Course is designed to be an introduction to programmatic advertising for Publishers, Agencies and Advertisers. It serves to explain what programmatic advertising is, why it is growing and how it can be used. It builds upon and leverages the work of the IAB Europe Programmatic Trading Committee and the IAB Europe Research Committee, and includes research into market drivers, pan-European market sizing, and our flagship report the AdEx Benchmark.

Course content:

1. Tutor introduction & warm up exercise
2. Setting the context: A brief history of digital marketing
3. Why it matters: The rise and rise of programmatic
4. Overview: What it is and how it works
5. How to get started: Business readiness and programmatic models
6. Key industry themes for the year ahead
7. Exercise: Rocket science, algorithms and AI

At the end of the course delegates will be able to:

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Before joining adisfaction, Martin Caduff spent seven years building up the online marketing team of a renowned web agency in Zürich. In parallel, he taught web project management at the SAWI Academy for Marketing and Communication. At IAB Switzerland he is Deputy Head of the Search Section and teaches Search Engine Marketing at the IAB Academy. He is a regular speaker at industry events such as Swiss Online Marketing and Suisse Emex. At adisfaction, he is director of Performance Marketing and Analytics.

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All digital advertising categories experienced growth up to Q3 2017 in Poland.  Find out more HERE and at:

Mike Wieland, exe. Master of Marketing, NDS CRM FH, is founder of two companies in new media and online-marketing, today managing director of SEMSEA Suchmaschinenmarketing AG, a premium Google AdWords agency in Zurich, Salzburg and Hamburg. Responsible for online-marketing strategies, especially Google AdWords and Google Analytics. He is the winner of the Google Game On Masters 2016. In this competition, which was advertised by the search engine giant Google, over 1’000 agencies from the DACH area had participated.

Matteo Schuerch has gathered extensive experience in the European digital marketing space over the last 8 years. After starting off his career as strategy consultant in the media industry for Solon Management Consulting, he joined the online hotel booking platform Later on he founded the Swiss branch of Europe’s leading affiliate network affilinet (now Awin) and sat in its international board. In 2015 Matteo founded the digital marketing Company Converto, heading the launch innovative technologies such as Feed Based Advertising. Matteo Schuerch is trainer for several organisations including IAB Switzerland and Digicomp and is leading the Swiss Performance Marketing group of IAB Switzerland.

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Daniel Hünebeck started his digital career at walltreet:online in product development. After a 3-year break from the online business as a consultant in a restructuring consultancy, he got back in the industry and has set up the boutique agency adisfaction in Switzerland. He then moved to UBS Switzerland, where he built all digital marketing activities and was honored with the iab Digital Marketer of the Year Award. Since 2012 he is also working as a teacher for several educational institutions. In 2017 he has founded his own independent consultancy. He is involved in Switzerland in the iab board, the iab Academy and in the advisory board of the Swiss Online Marketing fair.

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Digital advertising grew by 8% in Germany in 2017 and a growth rate of 10% is expected for 2018. The digital advertising market is growing steadily, outperforming the OVK forecast published in September 2017. More information can be found here or download it HERE.

Sublime Skinz expands mobile offering with the addition of two new premium ad formats, with highly engaging and interactive features  

London, UK, 26th February 2018: Sublime Skinz, the leading solution for high-impact, non-intrusive digital advertising, today announced it will launch two new interactive mobile ad formats – The Capsule and The Video – at this year’s Mobile World Congress. These innovative, premium formats provide a variety of features to enhance the user experience.

Created for mobile web campaigns, the new formats – which can be sold both direct and programmatically – are designed to elevate engagement and create opportunities for more effective branding. Both consist of two banners positioned at the top and bottom of the webpage, along with a side panel that displays content when swiped open by the user.

Both of these new formats, while enhancing the user experience, also boast an impressive engagement rate of 4-5%. The Capsule’s responsive panel has been developed with HTML5 and is optimised to offer a host of interactive elements, including vertical and horizontal slideshows, video, configurators, 360° product views, and store locators. The Video format has been designed to deliver enhanced video ads seamlessly to users, and can be optimised for a single vertical or traditional asset.

The Capsule and The Video mobile formats provide advertisers with comprehensive KPI feedback, including impressions, page and product views, panel engagement rates, global click-through rates, and average video completion rates.

Andrew Buckman, Managing Director EMEA at Sublime Skinz said: “These new formats further demonstrate Sublime Skinz’s commitment to providing non-invasive but powerful solutions to advertisers and agencies. With 73% of people in the UK using their smartphones to access the internet on a daily basis, it’s more important than ever to remember that the user is king. These two new formats provide a streamlined and engaging experience that continues to put the user first with interactive and non-intrusive ads. For advertisers, the high engagement rate of the panel and the extensive KPI measurements are attractive prospects that ensure they reach their target audience, while also allowing them to effectively manage campaigns.

About Sublime Skinz

Sublime Skinz is the leading global high-impact advertising marketplace. It is the first platform of its kind to provide multi-device advertising, working with advertisers, publishers, media agencies, and trading desks to drive efficient and effective campaigns at scale.

Sublime Skinz provides actionable statistics and transparent insights in real time, allowing brands to capitalise on the most impactful format with the greatest coverage across multiple websites. Sublime Skinz works with a clear objective to maximise revenues and optimise return on ad investments.

Founded in 2012, the Paris-based company has developed an international reach with offices in London, San Francisco and New York, and boasts an impressive network integrated with more than 3,500 websites worldwide. Sublime Skinz was honoured as the ‘audience favourite’ winner of the Launch: Silicon Valley World Cup Tech in 2014, and in 2016 was awarded Ernst & Young’s ‘Born Global’ prize and Business France’s ‘International Trophy of Digital Business.’

For more information, please visit

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In this member-only webinar, a number of national market representatives provide an update on:

• Key programmatic challenges
• Programmatic market size and growth
• Current local / IAB programmatic initiatives

The webinar recording is available here.


As more digital out-of-home inventory becomes buyable programmatically, new use cases are appearing. Mindshare Turkey ran a month-long campaign for MAC Cosmetics on the digital out-of-home inventory integrated to the Awarion programmatic OOH exchange in two busy malls where the brand has stores.

As research shows, proximity of out-of-home positively correlates to store visits for advertisers. With data coming from the brand's store analytics platform on how many visits and purchases were occurring on an hourly basis, optimisation on when and how frequently to buy DOOH became possible. Using Platform 161 DSP, real-time changes to the campaign was possible without the need for manual communication.

In addition to the targeting strategy, a creative strategy was deployed in order to show the right creatives at quiet and busy moments of stores. The results of this programmatic OOH campaign optimised to first-party data was staggering; week-on-week sales increased 28% compared to 13% at malls where non-programmatic DOOH buys were carried out through traditional insertion order buys.

Watch the case study here.

HP's Sprocket printer product has a niche set of target audiences: travel enthusiasts and students. By running programmatic digital out-of-home campaigns through Platform 161 DSP and data on these audiences coming in from a proximity marketing company, Blesh, OMD Turkey left the campaign on auto-pilot to run in two malls when the target audiences were highly concentrated.

The real-time targeting was possible through Blesh's integration with Awarion's out-of-home exchange, enabling immediate activation of a campaign based on such criteria. By executing a campaign this way, OMD was able to create significant media efficiency for their client and show different creatives for each target group, whenever one was higher than the other. Since the campaign was run from a DSP, lat-long targeted line items for the digital realm ran in-sync to the programmatic OOH campaign, targeting these audiences through multiple channels and creating a unified point of media buying and reporting.

Watch the case study here.

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