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IAB Europe's Digital Dawn Podcast - Season 4, Episode 2: Brand Safety & Suitability: Striking the Right Balance

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A fast-evolving news cycle has made brand safety and suitability more important than ever. Brands need reliable protection but need to balance that with scale and ensure they are not missing out on opportunities. Brand safety and suitability are developing their own distinct paths, and just as we are acknowledging a need for a “floor” that disintermediates bad actors, so too are we recognising that trusted news sources need to be supported.

In this episode, our CMO Helen Mussard speaks about all things brand safety and suitability with Wayne Tassie, Group Director at DoubleVerify. They dive into the differences between the two, look at priorities and advice for brands, some of the key challenges that we are faced with today, and what tools are currently available to ensure brand safety and suitability are achieved.

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