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IAB Europe's Digital Dawn Podcast - Season 1, Episode 10: The Future of Video Advertising

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Digital advertising is a fast-moving environment that has seen a lot of challenges and innovations arise over the last few years.

Programmatic advertising, header bidding solutions, wrappers, in-app advertising, cookieless solutions, CMP...all of these topics have changed the shape of digital advertising, and it’s now time for the industry to focus on new challenges. The recent health crisis led to an acceleration of digital adoption in almost every component of our lives, both professional and personal, and stimulated the disruption of traditional advertising fields such as TV. A recent study* from Magna shows that around a third of the UK consumers spend at least an hour a day with online television or streaming video (SVOD, Youtube, etc), and while borders between traditional TV and digital are disappearing we’re seeing new opportunities to better address personalised advertising to customers.

But, a new environment also means new players, new mechanics, and new terminology that we, as digital advertising and marketing specialists have to understand to make sure we make the most of the coming opportunities.

In this very educational session, IAB Europe's Chief Economist, Daniel Knapp, and Adam Noble, Product Marketing Director, Index Exchange aim to demystify the complexity of the OTT landscape to bring the key to a clear and deep understanding to advertising and marketing specialists and discuss the future of video advertising.  

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