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IAB Europe Data Protection Bootcamp

Data protection and privacy have been top of mind issues for digital advertising professionals in the last years. Not only are they here to stay but they will also become increasingly important in corporate strategies and across business operations. As such, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) but also the ePrivacy directive have been catalysts for a lot of the changes currently underway within the digital advertising industry supply chain. But how much do we really know about data protection and privacy?

For digital marketing and digital advertising professionals, an understanding of the data protection landscape will play a critical role in any role moving forward. This is why IAB Europe is launching the IAB Europe Data Protection Bootcamp to offer independent and trusted training to digital advertising professionals hence boosting their skills and giving them the best chances of developing their career in an ever changing environment with data protection at its core.

Who should attend?

  • Digital advertising and marketing professionals looking to boost their knowledge on data protection and privacy to advance in their current role
  • Technology professionals
  • Legal professionals
  • Product managers
  • Account Executives

What will I take away from the course?

The IAB Europe Data Protection Bootcamp participants can expect to be armed with enough know-how to start to confidently approach data protection related discussions within their organisation.

For More Information

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