The MarTech Summit - London DX May

The MarTech Summit

Tuesday 24th May 2022  | DX, Next Generation CX, Future Trends

As digital adoption and innovation continue to shift consumer behaviour, crafting impactful digital experiences is fundamental to reaching the right audience. Savvy tech adopters and tomorrow’s consumers will demand instant solutions, unprecedented access, and the technology to match. The next generation of customer experience is here and it’s digital. This 1-day summit, focused on Digital Platforms, Next Gen CX, and Future Trends, will be delivered through a blend of fireside chats, panel discussions, and expert talks. There will be a guaranteed 85% attendance of senior leadership positions, ensuring you will learn and network with the likes of CMOs, Heads, Directors, etc.

For more information about this unmissable event, and to find out how to register, just click here.

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