OneTrust Webinar April

Industry Event – The Power of Consent in AdTech: Bridging the Gap Between Privacy and Monetisation with OneTrust PreferenceChoice

7th April, 17:00 CET – Register here!

The AdTech ecosystem has faced numerous changes over the past few years. Balancing consumer demand for privacy and choice with shifting changes in the privacy and tech landscape has left organisations challenged to alter strategies to maintain personalisation and meet compliance requirements. Additionally, these changes left consumers more in control of their data and questioning what the real value exchange is of providing data to companies.

Publishing and media companies are capitalising on this shift in consumer sentiment by taking their consent management platform (CMP) to the next level by offering greater transparency and being good stewards of data collection, which ultimately leads to trust-driven opt-ins, monetisation, and loyal customers.

Join Archant, a media company operating over 140 local, regional and national brands together, OneTrust and Carbon RMP to learn from a publisher, their CMP and revenue management platform about:

  • The value of consent in the AdTech mix
  • Best practices to monetise your consented inventory
  • How to deliver a better experience in a privacy conscious way


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