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Industry Event - IAB Tech Lab - Safe Supply Chain: Powered By Transparency (2 Day Virtual Event)

April 27th & 28th @3pm CET

Huge strides in securing the digital advertising ecosystem have been made over the past few years, but the fight continues against ongoing threats of ad fraud and malware as the latest ad technology standards get implemented. This event will showcase the industry standards for supply and demand chain transparency.

As part of the path to an improved ecosystem, they will dive into updates including expanded support for additional platforms like CTV, additional tools for supply chain validation from Tech Lab and new standards to support buy side transparency.

Attendees will learn: 

In this webinar, attendees will walk away with practical knowledge about remaining supply chain vulnerabilities and a better understanding of buy-side transparency and input for programmatic product roadmaps in 2021. IAB Tech Lab will also highlight transparency use cases that are made simpler with the new industry data repository, the Transparency Center.

Full event details can be found here


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