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Industry Event: Bloom Hosts 'The Comparison Trap - Turning Competition into Collaborative Energy'

New Event from Bloom - Bloom is a professional network for women in communications that exists to help them fulfil their potential. We achieve this through three areas of work - futureproofing women's careers, driving industry change and paying it forward via our industry-wide mentoring scheme and commitment to supporting Women's Aid. 

Event Overview

We are bombarded by always-on inspiration and content, where the possibilities may appear endless, but so too are the opportunities to compare and benchmark against others.

Join Bloom for an event that will delve into powerful and honest experiences of comparison, explore how it can limit us, and discover how to channel that negative energy into positive behaviours. We will explore the honest truth and stories behind our glossy exteriors. The current climate is exacerbating comparison - from the different ways people are coping with lockdown – from productivity overdrive to total overwhelm – and, of course, the devastating events of the past couple of weeks which are resulting in a growing and belated discussion of systemic racism. We want to hinge our conversation around your experiences of comparison at this time. Ahead of the event, we will ask you to tell us anonymously through our digital ‘Booth of Truth’ about your own experiences of comparison.

Have you found yourself unhealthily comparing your life to others? Are there particular areas of your life where this is rife? Have you been at the receiving end of unhealthy comparison? Tell us about these situations and how they made you feel. We will send you a link to submit your honest truths ahead of the event. The format of the event will be stories from our speakers, a short interactive workshop on overcoming comparison, ending with a Q&A and everyday actions for you to embrace going forwards.

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