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Industry Event - APP Economy Breakfast: Implications of Mobile Privacy with BVDW

25th November, 09:00 CET - Register here

For more than 10 years, the app economy has been experiencing sensational development. While gaming, in particular, was a big trend in the early days, leading users to apps, today the app stores are filled with providers from all sectors of the economy and the apps fulfil everyday tasks for Homo Mobilis. In 2016, the BVDW's mobile focus group took on the challenge of giving the app economy a face and discussing best cases as well as current challenges together with relevant market drivers.

At this year's App Economy Breakfast on 25 November 2021, everything will revolve around mobile privacy and the exciting question of how the players in the app ecosystem can create an environment in which consumers have access to information and valuable content while taking into account increased data protection requirements and a greater awareness of their own privacy. In the process, publishers and creators must continue to be able to finance high-quality content and advertisers must be able to effectively contact people who are interested in their content - in short: Mobile Privacy meets the App Economy!


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