Advertising and Brand Safety on TikTok with IAS

Harness the potential and media quality of your brand on TikTok!

With over 1 billion users worldwide, TikTok has become an entertainment platform embraced by all generations, and a powerful and distinctive channel for brands to creatively reach their audiences.

In an in-feed environment where a multitude of created content coexists, brands need more than ever to ensure that their advertisements appear in content adapted to their image. Indeed, numerous studies have shown that a relevant advertising context improves consumers’ perception of a brand and an advertisement.

During this webinar organised jointly by IAS and TikTok, we will come back to the challenges of Brand Safety for brands and the advertising and creative opportunities on TikTok.

We will detail our new Brand Safety in-feed IAS solution on TikTok and its main results. We will also be announcing our new IAS media-grade capabilities coming to TikTok. And finally, we will talk to an advertiser and an agency experienced in Brand Safety on TikTok.

See you on March 24th!

Please note, the event will be in French.

Register here.

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