SPIR is a professional association active in the field of internet advertising since 2000. The membership base of the association currently has a total of 48 members. Alongside operating integrated, widely respected research into visitor numbers and sociodemographic profiling of internet visitors via NetMonitor, it also implements an internet advertising monitoring project, AdMonitoring, and the IAC professional conference on internet marketing, and provides expert analysis of internet market development in the Czech Republic. SPIR dedicates its activities not only to the field of internet advertising and marketing services, but increasingly affects others non advertising areas such as the legal aspects of Internet business communications with government authorities etc. It also provides expert analysis of the development of the Internet market in the country. Last but not least, SPIR is a self-regulator of audiovisual and copyrighted content on the Internet and guarantees the self-regulatory framework for online behavioral advertising (OBA) in the Czech Republic.