IAB Europe Digital Bootcamp

The world has changed drastically over the last 24 months. Organisations are having to adjust and change their workforce, placing more focus than ever on digitising processes and organisations. 

For digital media and advertising professionals, an understanding of the landscape and core competencies needed to advance within the industry will play a critical role in retaining jobs or retraining for new opportunities. 

This is why IAB Europe is offering bespoke training as part of the IAB Europe Digital Bootcamp to offer independent and trusted training to boost the digital workforce across Europe.

Boost Your Digital Skills

IAB Europe’s Digital Bootcamp is suitable for a range of skill levels and is designed to help people upskill for their role in the organisation. Led by IAB Europe’s Chief Economist Daniel Knapp and IAB Europe’s Programmatic Advisor and Partnerships Director at SeenThis, Andrew Hayward-Wright, delegates will have the opportunity to learn from the industry’s market and programmatic leaders as they embark on their digital transformation. 

With no-nonsense explanations, unbiased views and critical thinking applications, these are must-attend courses to boost your confidence and provide you with skills for day-to-day operations.

What’s the course structure?

The IAB Europe Digital Bootcamp is broken up into 8 stand-alone modules and is bespoke to the needs of participants from Coca-Cola.

Who are the trainers?

The trainers of the IAB Europe Digital Bootcamp:

Daniel-Knapp-IAB Europe

Daniel Knapp

Chief Economist, IAB Europe
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Andrew Hayward-Wright

Partnerships Director, SeenThis and Programmatic Advisor, IAB Europe

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