Industry Event: Xandr Webinar – The Evolution of Brand Safety

As 2019 ended, relevance was the word at the forefront of every marketers’ mind. Then a global pandemic struck, and media strategies and plans were forced to change. Limitations of current brand safety measures were apparent before, but this new world has expedited the need for the digital advertising industry to develop our existing capabilities to look at brand suitability as well as safety.

The Xandr team will be gathering leaders from across the industry including IAB Europe’s Chief Economist, Daniel Knapp, to discuss the current limitations of brand safety, how these differ across the EMEA region, why context is now vital to this debate and how we can learn from this crisis and evolve with better measures in place to increase publisher revenue and drive better outcomes for buyers.

The webinar will take place on 24th June at 11.00 CEST / 10.00 BST

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