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Trust and Transparency Event Series: Data Transparency – How Targeted Advertising Works and Who Really Benefits

14th September | 12:00 CET – Register Here!

To kick off IAB Europe’s series of events on Trust and Transparency, this webinar will provide an overview on how personal data should be obtained and stored in relation to European data and protection regulation. It’s a must attend session to truly understand how personalised advertising works and the benefits it brings to people and publishers.


  • Andrew Hayward-Wright, Partnerships Director, SeenThis and Programmatic Advisor for IAB Europe
  • Christie Dennehy-Neil, Head of Policy and Regulatory Affairs, IAB UK
  • Elena Turtureanu, Senior Compliance Director, Legal & Privacy, Adform
  • Julien Delhommeau, Staff Systems Architect, Xandr

This event is free for all industry stakeholders and policy makers to attend. Register Here

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