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Industry Event - OTT and CTV Privacy-Centric Advertising: The Next Big Growth Driver with OneTrust

22nd June | 16:00 BST - Register here

The OTT and CTV world is officially here. With half the US population accessing video content through streaming services, it makes sense for publishers to pursue this new outlet for advertising. Not surprisingly, 60% of Digital Buyers plan to shift Linear TV dollars to CTV in 2021. Additionally, among buyers shifting linear TV budget to OTT/CTV in 2021, 80% said the main reason is targeting and efficiency. With advanced targeting and personalization capabilities, OTT and CTV advertising presents a major bottom-line boot for brands and publishers.

But the very nature of collecting personal information from consumers and using it across so many channels and devices presents challenges of its own. Publishers must capture, store, and use data with accuracy and integrity if they want to get the most out of their OTT advertising. The answers to specific questions can clue you into where you stand on privacy compliance.

Join this webinar to hear from OneTrust about the growth of OTT and CTV advertising, challenges organisations will face in a world concerned about privacy, and best practices to provide transparency and choices to boost targeting, addressability, and revenue on streaming applications.


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