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Industry Event - IAB Tech Lab Reboot 2020

While the world is changing in a big way all around us, the opportunity in ad tech is to design a better blueprint for a stronger, more sustainable, more flexible future that can better withstand the sort of disruption and shifts we’ve seen in 2020. Working together, we can accommodate the needs of the market with standards that adapt to an evolving market, including the loss of third-party cookies and other identifiers. Join IAB Tech Lab in a virtual summit to review the progress we’ve made this year, invite collaborative problem-solving, and inspire innovative strategies for engineering a new ad tech ecosystem in 2020 and beyond.

IAB Europe's CEO Townsend Feehan will take part in a panel discussing moving to a Global Privacy Framework on day 1 (15th September).

IAB Europe members are entitled to a registration discount, please contact us to get the code.

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Day, 15th September: Re-Architecting for Privacy-Centric Addressability
• Re-architecting Digital Supply Chain for Tomorrow
• Addressing Authenticated and Anonymous Users
• On Device Decisioning
• Global Privacy Framework
• Establishing Trust through Accountability

Day 2, 16th September: Building Better Brand Safety and Preventing Ad Fraud
• What is Brand Safety?
• Transparency Through Technology
• Safe Channels for Addressing Fraud and Brand Safety
• Brand Suitability
• Using Content Taxonomy for Brand Suitability

Day 3, 17th September: Scaling Connected TV and Simplifying Measurement
• Cross Media Measurement
• Video Experiences
• Trust in SSAI with Technology Standards
• Standardizing Measurement
• Measuring Podcasts
• Advancing Connected TV With Technology Standards


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