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Industry Event - GDPR, TCF... How to Maximise Monetisation While Respecting User Choice in 2021 with Didomi

11th March, 15:00 CET - Register here!

Besides GDPR, the last 2 years have seen a number of significant changes that impact the digital advertising ecosystem. Most of them are due to shifting expectations in society, with consumers demanding more privacy and choice.

As a consequence, the last years have seen increasing regulatory expectations from Data Protection Authorities (DPAs) across the globe, the industry has adopted shared standards (TCF v2.0) and major technological players have launched their own initiatives to improve on privacy (like Google's Privacy Sandbox or Apple's iOS14 features).

  • How do you monetise in a world where consumers (finally) have the choice they deserve?
  • Should you expect lower revenue per user with a significant portion of audiences opting-out?
  • What solutions exist to display ads to users that haven't consented to being tracked?

Publishers still have a lot of interrogations about the impact they should be seeing on their websites and specifically on their advertising revenues. While implementing a Consent Management Platform (CMP) and closely monitoring consent rates is a logical start, it is not the only thing to do to maintain your advertising revenues while being transparent and compliant.

Pubstack and Didomi want to help you monetize better in 2021. They will discuss:

  •  The link between ad monetisation and GDPR consent.
  •  The top CMP-related issues that can result in revenue drops.
  •  The opt-in rates you can expect on your consent notices.

They will finish with some monetisation nightmare stories  to give concrete examples of what NOT to do. These should help you avoid some pitfalls that can severely hurt your business.

Of course, the session will end with an open discussion. Pubstack and Didomi will answer all your questions live or - if not possible - we'll get back to you with concrete answers.


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