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IAB Tech Lab Talks CTV & Video Advertising – Growing With Standards – EU Edition

With the growth of streaming, Connected TV (CTV) has firmly established itself as a critical component of the digital media landscape. This virtual event will dive into the standards and technology solutions for brand-safe and viewable ads on CTV. There are some fantastic topics on the agenda, namely, ad sales & delivery, ad fraud, brand safety, measurement, privacy, and interactivity in CTV advertising, and the surrounding landscape.

Join experts from ad tech companies and streaming video publishers who will talk about how they are deploying the Tech Lab standards to achieve scale, security, and consistency in video ad delivery. The event will also focus on specific aspects of the European CTV market landscape, such as AddressableTV, HbbTV, and others.

The event will address the tech foundations of how to:

  • Overcome challenges around Server-Side Ad Insertion (SSAI)
  • Support transparency to minimize ad fraud
  • Provide brand-safe environments for advertisers
  • Build privacy-first addressability
  • Enable cross-screen ROI measurement

(This event has been programmed for attendees located in European time zones but is open to all.)

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