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IAB Europe Industry Insider with Vidmob - How to Use AI To Your Marketing Advantage

29th of June | 15:00 CET - Register Here

Media is fragmented and it’s hard to know what works across different platforms and formats when trying to reach your target audience.

Fortunately, AI-powered technologies can help bridge creative intuition and data for better-performing ads. In this webinar, Vidmob will outline how you can use AI to augment your creative decisions by translating performance ad data into actionable data that positively impact your bottom line.

Join Jeremiah Zinger, Senior Partner Manager at VidMob as he presents how to use AI to your marketing advantage. He will be followed by Anthony Lamy, VP EMEA Client Partnerships for a fireside chat with an exclusive partner to discuss how they are taking advantage of AI to turbocharge their creativity and performance.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to systematically unlock the Anatomy of an ad thanks to AI technology to inform creative making decisions.

  • Why creative analytics is more than just measuring clicks.

  • Understanding how the impact of signal loss will make it increasingly important to develop ads with creative data.


Jeremiah Zinger, Senior Partner Manager Senior Partner Manager, Vidmob 




Anthony Lamy, VP EMEA Client Partnerships, Vidmob




Jennifer Haie, Client Partner, Vidmob 




Andrew Jude Rajanathan, Media & ROI Lead, EMEA at Johnson&Johnson



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