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IAB Europe Industry Insider with Magnite – CTV is for Everyone – a New Research Study from Magnite & Statista

Tuesday 2nd November | 16:00 CET – Register here!

Brands and their agencies are continuously looking to better understand the newly emerging digital TV landscape. Devices, such as connected TVs, have opened new streaming possibilities and, in the process, changed the way advertisers need to approach their TV strategies.

In this webinar, we will look at new research from Magnite and Statista. Extending upon two research projects conducted in H1 by SpotX and Magnite respectively – this new report provides advertisers with an in-depth analysis of TV viewers in the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain, to better understand the markets’ CTV behaviour and trends. We’ll see how CTV has changed the way advertisers need to approach their TV and omnichannel strategies moving into 2022 and beyond.


Edward Wale, Managing Director, CTV – EMEA, Magnite




Julie Selman, Managing Director, UK & Nordics, Magnite




Tatjana Ott, Partner Manager, Pluto TV




Simon Thomas, Audiences Research and Media Investment Management, GroupM




Tara Kilcoyne, Operations Director, Dentsu International

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