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June 14 & 15

A New Era for Marketing and Advertising

How is the marketing & advertising industry’s quest to create consumer-centric, privacy-first marketing progressing?

Throughout 2021, the pace of global digitisation continued, increasing the value of consumers’ personal data and raising awareness of the need to ensure this is protected. At the same time, the fundamental tools, which the marketing & advertising industry relies on for personalised marketing, have become compromised. The deprecation of third-party cookies, restrictions on the use of identifiers, and the passing of strict privacy legislation into law mean that the industry has to rethink how it markets to consumers.

Big Tech platforms are set to thrive in this first-party era, but does this mean the end of the open internet and independent ad tech? No. This is the industry’s golden opportunity to reimagine how to measure and target, from a privacy-first, consumer-centric position.

Now in its 12th year, ATS London brings together senior stakeholders across the media, marketing, and commerce industries for two days of panel discussions, keynote presentations, fireside chats, and networking, to deliver insights and strategies to take digital to the next level.

Attend ATS London this year, to hear discussions including:
- Have marketers and brands adapted to a cookieless advertising environment? How are they reaching new audiences in this landscape?
- What is the value of tools and solutions which don’t rely on third-party data and/or mobile identifiers? Who is driving technology innovation in this area, and how important will this be in the coming 12 months?
- Where are the fresh opportunities for buyers and sellers to gain more control over their businesses, while improving the marketing & advertising experience for customers?
- What will measurement look like in this new era of marketing and advertising? Are we finally learning how to put the consumer first?
- How are opportunities such as retail media, social commerce, mobile, and gaming being embraced across the ecosystem?

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