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Video & TV Advertising: State of the convergence by Nicolas Mignot, SVP International Key accounts Sales & Solutions, FreeWheel

What happens when digital, programmatic and TV collide? Nicolas Mignot will ask what the future holds for the original video channel, and what addressable TV means for its role in media strategies.

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There’s been plenty of focus recently on how online video is the new frontier in the industry as video ads gain increasing attention from eyeballs and, as a result, budgets. However, while budgets are gaining momentum in this area, the methods used to trade video ads are not. Despite the potentially large benefits that programmatic trading can bring both content providers and advertisers alike, most video ad inventory is still sold through direct deals and Deal_ID.

Two areas that are holding the industry back when it comes to the programmatic trading of video ads are a lack of control and transparency, and a delay in responding to video’s constant demands on innovation. To overcome these challenges, all sides of the industry need to be in constant conversation. As links in-between, ad tech company dedicated to the sell-side have a crucial role in moving the industry forward.

Control and transparency

Issues around a lack of control and transparency in programmatic dominate the industry as a whole, with concerns on both content provider and advertiser side. However, this challenge is especially relevant when it comes to video ads because of the high CPMs compared to display and mobile advertising. With their unique position in the industry, ad tech providers who are focussed on supporting the sell-side can do a lot to address both lack of transparency and control for content providers, whether publishers or broadcasters, and support advertisers in the process.

For content providers who are already entrenched in programmatic, like publishers, lack of transparency is the biggest stumbling block in helping them address advertiser concerns. What’s at stake for advertisers is knowing where their ads are running, in what format and whether those ads are actually being viewed. Viewability and measurement are big issues, a symptom of which is the current way that VPAID is being used in the industry. An ad tech provider who is fully transparent can provide a publisher with deep insight. Better analysis for publishers means  they in turn can better serve the video-related needs of buyers and advertisers. After all, the more informed buyers are, the more value they can expect in the exchange, and the higher the CPMs they are willing to pay. That’s better for all sides of the industry.

While industries new to programmatic, like broadcasters and cable companies, are moving towards automated ad sales, full programmatic advertising is not always a part of their strategy. They need time to adjust to programmatic which feels unpredictable. That uncertainty can be counteracted by an ad tech provider that responds to their needs by offering sell-side features that provide more control. This includes features such as pricing control, which allows content providers to set prices depending on advertiser, format and buying method, and automated guaranteed, a direct buy that makes use of a Deal_ID that is sold on a guaranteed basis. With more control, content providers new to programmatic will also feel confident enough to take advantage of the benefits of the programmatic open market.

Responding to constant innovation

The immense potential that video advertising can offer has all sides of the industry understandably excited, but this rapidly evolving channel also demands a level of responsiveness from the industry. As the demand for new video formats grows, so too will the industry’s need to adopt the innovations that meet that demand. This will require a mind-set shift on the part of all sides of the industry.

For instance, with the adoption of out-stream video, the challenge for content providers has been how to communicate that new format consistently to the open market. Here, the supply outpaced the standard. The main challenge was solved by the introduction of OpenRTB 2.5, enabling out-stream to be distinguished from in-stream inventory for buyers. In cases like this one, ad tech providers on the sell-side can contribute by implementing IAB standards quickly, responding to buyer and seller needs and increasing trust in the industry.

Another example is one where the standard is outpacing supply, as is currently the case with Dynamic Ad Insertion. While VAST 4 can already support Dynamic Ad Insertion, the quality of the files being traded programmatically is not high enough for it to be effective. It’s up to the buy-side to provide these files. So, while many on that side see Dynamic Ad Insertion as the road to a more seamless, more user-friendly in-stream video ad experience, their trading methods have yet to catch up with what the tech can do. That will probably take some time, so for now, Deal_ID is the stop before full programmatic.

Constant conversation

Both innovation and transparency are on-going issues in the industry that all sides need to address. There’s no doubt that online video advertising offers huge revenue potential. At the same time, it throws up challenges that the industry can only resolve if all sides work together.

Ad tech providers dedicated to supporting the sell-side of the industry can contribute to faster adoption of video programmatic. We need to recognise our crucial role as the link between content providers on the sell-side and advertisers on the buy-side in order for everyone to reap the benefits of full programmatic video. Those benefits can only come to fruition if content providers embrace the full spectrum of video advertising. Video advertising shouldn’t just be about dabbling in programmatic by selling through Deal ID as a side-line, but about making video part of a holistic programmatic advertising strategy from ad serving to open market.

Measuring the future, by Gian Fulgoni, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder, ComScore

Arguably measurement is online’s key differentiator to other media. Yet is it also an Achilles’ heel? Is the increasing complexity and ever changing landscape making it too difficult for brand advertisers to fully control their brand experience? What can the digital industry do to bring trust and transparency easily to all?

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Delivery Chain Quality by John Montgomery, VP Global Brand Safety, GroupM

Advertisers have lost confidence in the digital delivery supply chain. But how much of the problem is due to the relentless pressure to deliver ever-lower campaign CPMs? And are CPMs even the right cost-efficiency benchmark to use? John thinks they may be a big part of the quality problem.

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1% Done: Building a collaborative future for mobile by Nicola Mendelsohn, VP EMEA Facebook

As the medium becomes the message, what role can brand content play in delivering value? Facebook’s VP EMEA asks what consumers want from brands in a mobile-first world – and how marketers can respond whilst building ROI.

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The Agency of the Future by Anatoly Roytman, Managing Director and EALA Lead, Accenture Interactive

Agency business models have always evolved – but that evolution needs to catch up quickly with the ecosystem of 2017. Demands for trading transparency and measurement clarity demand a redefinition of what agencies are paid for – and how that performance is measured. Dependence on new technology platforms and the importance of data ownership bring new commercial considerations with them. What does a sustainable and correctly incentivised agency model look like?

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Brussels, 31 May 2017 - Ahead of the 11th edition of Interact, IAB Europe's flagship conference in Amsterdam last week, IAB Europe members elected their new Board of Directors.


IAB Europe - whose mission is to promote the development of the digital advertising sector and ensure its sustainability by shaping the regulatory environment and demonstrating the value digital advertising brings to Europe's economy - is delighted to announce the following Board Members:


  • Henk van Niekerk, Senior Vice President Publishers and Ad Networks, AOL
  • Nigel Gilbert, Executive Vice President Strategic Development, AppNexus
  • Tony Evans, Director of Marketing Science EMEA, Facebook
  • Thierry Geerts, Country Director Belgium, Google
  • John Wittesaele, President EMEA, GroupM
  • Neil Bowman, President of Advertising Technology, BBC Advertising
  • Axel Steinman, Vice President International Search Ad sales, Microsoft
  • Rene Plug, Chief Strategy Officer, Improve Digital
  • Philipp von Hilgers, Managing Director, Meetrics
  • Stuart Wilkinson, Head of Industry Relations EMEA, comScore
  • Thomas Duhr, Vice President, BVDW
  • Valerie Chavanne, Vice President, IAB France
  • Jon Mew, Chief Executive Officer, IAB UK
  • Allan Sorensen, Head of Digital, Danske Medier (IAB Denmark)
  • Sebastiano Cappa, Councellor, IAB Italy
  • Wlodek Schmidt, President & CEO, IAB Poland
  • Mahmut Kursun, Chairman, IAB Turkey
  • Constantine Kamaras, Head of Public & Int’l Affairs, IAB Greece
  • Suzanne McElligott, Chief Executive Officer, IAB Ireland
  • Lucien Secareanu, Vice President, IAB Romania

IAB Europe is glad to welcome newcomers like Rene Plug, Chief Strategy Officer at Improve Digital and Neil Bowman, President of Advertising Technology, BBC Advertising as corporate directors, as well as the following directors from National IABs: Sebastiano Cappa from IAB Italy and Lucien Secereanu from IAB Romania.

The new Executive Committee (ExCo) is comprised of the following directors:

  • Constantine Kamaras (Chair)
  • Stuart Wilkinson (Vice Chair)
  • Nigel Gilbert (Treasurer)
  • Thomas Duhr (ExCo Member)
  • Wlodek Schmidt (ExCo Member)

"Warm welcome to the new IAB Europe Directors and thanks to the outgoing Directors for their contributions to IAB Europe over the past two years. We look forward to taking IAB Europe even further in our mission at pan-european level, with the support of prestigious senior digital advertising executives", said CEO Townsend Feehan.

Media contact: 

About IAB Europe
IAB Europe is the leading European-level industry association for the online advertising ecosystem. Its mission is to promote the development of this innovative sector and ensure its sustainability by shaping the regulatory environment, demonstrating the value digital advertising brings to Europe's economy, to consumers and to the market, and developing and facilitating the update of harmonised business practices that take account of changing user expectations and enable digital brand advertising to scale in Europe.

Innovation, For Everyone by Matt Brittin, President EMEA, Business & Operations

In a fast-changing world, Google’s Matt Brittin shares why sustainability and partnerships are critical for innovation.

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A Digital coming of Age by Nigel Morris, CEO DenstuAegis Americas and EMEA

The advertising industry has always evolved – but it’s rarely had a tighter timetable for that evolution. Nigel Morris gives a global perspective on whether the digital coming of age is happening quickly enough.

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Brussels, 30th June - DIMAQ (Digital Marketing Qualification) certification is going to be introduced in Slovenia, Romania, Greece, Cyprus, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia&Hercegovina in May and June this year as part of a programme of standardization of knowledge and skills among industry professionals. The programme was developed and implemented successfully in late 2015 by IAB Poland, and it acts as a tool of effective assessment of industry qualifications, improves the quality of the offered services, and builds market trust. It is compliant with the principles of the European Qualifications Framework.

The introduction of a programme of standardization of competence for industry professionals is a response to the current needs of the industry - the growing competitiveness of the market of digital services, and the increasing expectations of marketers and employers across the whole of Europe. It allows industry professionals to confirm their competences, streamlines the communication between marketers and agencies, and aids employers in assessing the level of knowledge and skills of their employees, acting as an essential element of both motivation and recruitment activities.

IAB Europe constantly strives to support high-quality education initiatives across Europe. One way it does this is by providing those programmes which raise the bar in the field of digital training with the recognition they deserve through the IAB Europe Endorsement Programme. We’re certain that the development of DIMAQ, officially endorsed by IAB Europe since March, will improve the quality of services and competitiveness of the online sector”, says Ionel Naftanaila, Business and Technology Director, IAB Europe.

Furthermore, training sessions for master coaches are under way, organized in cooperation with IAB Polska. E-marketing professionals will be able to sit for the first examination session as early as in June this year. This will be also possible in Hungary, Slovakia, and Croatia towards the end of this year. At present, there are talks on introducing the programme in other countries in cooperation with local IABs. In the second half of the year work will commence on a pan-European version of DIMAQ programme, to be developed and implemented by IAB Polska and IAB Europe.

Competence standardized

DIMAQ covers not only global issues, but also those specific to a given regional sector of e-marketing (e.g. legal issues). The DIMAQ examination assesses knowledge in the scope of digital marketing on a general level (professional). It covers matters from 12 areas, including strategy and planning, display advertising, social media and content marketing, mobile marketing, cyberlaw, e-commerce, programmatic, and analytics. Every certificate is compliant with the principles of the European Qualifications Framework.


The validity of DIMAQ certificates is limited because of the ongoing dynamic development of the digital marketing industry. After two years of obtaining one’s certificate, it is necessary to take the exam again or to extend the certificate’s validity through participation in a special recertification programme involving collecting points for taking part in industry-specific events (conferences, workshops) accredited by IAB, participation in IAB working groups, and pursuing tertiary or postgraduate education.


Association of Internet Industry Employers IAB Poland comprises more than 200 companies operating on the Internet market in Poland, including largest web portals, advertising networks, media houses, and interactive agencies. Its main goal is broad market education on using the Internet as an effective business and promotion tool. The Association promotes e-marketing solutions as well as develops, presents and implements quality standards. It prepares reports and conducts online market research, organizes conferences, workshops and training courses. One of its flagship projects is DIMAQ, a certification program for e-marketing knowledge. IAB Poland has operated since 2000 and is part of the global organization IAB and member of IAB Europe. Find out more on

About the IAB Europe Endorsement Programme

As a main building block in IAB Europe’s plan  to  support  education  and  training  initiatives  in  Europe, the Endorsement Programme comes as a collaborative, easy to implement, and  high  impact  project.  Its main goal is to provide additional visibility and weight to high-quality training programmes developed by members and partners.

Amsterdam, 24th May - IAB Europe is pleased to announce the Gold Winners at its 2017 MIXX Europe Awards: Mindshare Turkey & Maxus Turkey, Pure New Media, Mindshare Turkey, DDB Brussels, iProspect / Dentsu Aegis Network and Framestore.

The awards recognise and celebrate the year’s best digital advertising campaigns in Europe.

The winners were announced last night at the gala dinner held as part of IAB Europe’s Interact conference in Amsterdam.

Alison Fennah, Executive Business Advisor for IAB Europe said: “Congratulations to all of our 2017 Gold, Silver and Bronze award winners, whose campaigns will be showcased to educate the market place about what works and why in digital marketing.”

Anna Lubowska, Chair of the Jury and Chairman MEC CEE, Russia & CIS said: “We are pleased to award so many great campaigns which highlight both effectiveness and innovation. Chairing the Jury and reviewing so many award winning campaigns has been an insightful and challenging process.”

See all of the award winning campaigns here.

The 2017 award winners:



Mindshare Turkey
Spark Brilliance


Category: Display Advertising




Gold: Mindshare Turkey & Maxus Turkey

Typo Domains By Nescafé


Silver: Mindshare Turkey

Last Chance


Category: Mobile Advertising

Gold:  Pure New Media

Keep Your Eyes On The Road While You Are Driving


Silver: These Days

The Disposable CamerApp


Bronze: Mindshare Turkey

Spark Brilliance


Category: Video Advertising




Gold:  Mindshare Turkey

Spark Brilliance


Silver:  Vizeum Global

BBC Earth - More Than TV


Bronze: These Days

FLOOR 99.9



Category: Social Media


Gold:  DDB Brussels



Silver: These Days

Put a price on your precious


Silver: DDB Brussels


Category: Search Advertising



 Gold:  iProspect / Dentsu Aegis Network

A digital recruitment solution


Silver: Hype

Winter is Coming


Category: Native Advertising


Gold: Arena Spain



Silver: Neodigital

Music Is Under This Cap

Category: Branded Content



 Gold: Mindshare Turkey

Spark Brilliance


Silver: These Days



Bronze: DDB Brussels



Category: Responsive Display Advertising

Silver: MediaCom Turkey

EnerjiSA – Turkey’s First Energy Saving Online Campaign

Category: Virtual and Augmented Reality



Gold: Framestore

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them


Silver: KADEI 360 d.o.o.

Storytelling in Augmented Reality



Category: Campaign Effectiveness

Gold: DDB Brussels



Silver: First Content Studio



Bronze: Pure New Media

Allianz Yolda

Category: Programmatic Advertising



Gold: Mindshare Turkey

Last Chance


Silver: Bluerank Sp. z o.o.

Data-driven car selling campaign! Success story of personalization campaign for Mitsubishi.


Bronze: Mindshare Turkey

Knorr Programmatic OOH


Category: Integrated Advertising

Gold: Mindshare Turkey

Spark Brilliance


Silver:  Turkcell - Pure New Media

Letters to Gallipoli


Silver: These Days

Coins of Hope


Bronze: Senor

Say it out loud


Category: Effective Use of Data



Gold: Mindshare Turkey & Maxus Turkey

Typo Domains By Nescafé


Silver: MediaCom - die Kommunikationsagentur GmbH

OEBB Geo Localised Ads


Bronze: OMD Programmatic

The strength of a data driven marketing strategy


The Jury was Chaired by Anna Lubowska, Chairman MEC CEE, Russia & CIS and is joined by George Zalokostas, Media Manager, Unilever, Peter Drake, Executive Creative Director at DigitasLBi, Vladimir Arandjelovic, Chairman of the Board, IAB Serbia and Managing Director ConnectAd, Ian Haworth, Executive Creative Director, Wunderman UK.

More information about the jury members can be found online here.

Contact: Marie-Clare Puffett, Business Programmes Manager, IAB Europe:

Amsterdam, 24th May - IAB Europe is pleased to announce the winners of its 2017 Research Awards; Kantar Millward Brown, OMD Spain, Mediametrie, Facebook, Publicis Media, Gemius and EDAA.

The awards recognise and celebrate the research projects and the contribution they have made to the development of the digital advertising industry. The winners were announced last night at the gala dinner held as part of IAB Europe’s Interact conference in Amsterdam.

Alison Fennah, Executive Business Advisor for IAB Europe said: “Congratulations to all of our 2017 winners and highly commended entries, whose projects will become part of IAB Europe’s best practice libraries used and referenced by industry professionals.”

IAB Europe’s libraries showcase best practice multi-device research and brand ad effectiveness case studies.

See all of the award winning projects here.

The 2017 award winners:



Category: Brand Advertising Effectiveness



Winner: Kantar Millward Brown

KMB BrandLift: AOL, Cadbury Buttons 'Memory Lane'


Category: Consumer Attitudes and Behaviour Winner: OMD Spain

Measuring the emotional impact on Facebook

Category: Consumer Devices



 Winner: Mediametrie

Measurement of New Forms of TV Consumption (4-Screen TV/ Video Measurement)

Category: Digital Advertising Formats Winner: Facebook

Moving Pictures: The Persuasive Power of Video


Highly Commended: Kantar Millward Brown

AdReaction: Engaging Gen X, Y and Z


Category: Advertising Solutions



Winner: Publicis Media GmbH

The X that changes the Media World


Category: Research and Data Innovation


Winner: Publicis Media GmbH

The X that changes the Media World


Highly Commended: Mediametrie

Measurement of New Forms of TV Consumption (4-Screen TV/ Video Measurement)

Category: Audience Measurement




 Winner: Gemius

gemiusAdReal™ Research – Breakthrough Transparency in the Online Advertising Industry
(inc. video, display, programmatic, search, social & viewability)


Category: Best Use of Research Budget Winner: EDAA

European Advertising Consumer Research Report 2016

The Jury was Chaired by Nick Hiddleston, Research Director Worldwide at ZenithOptimedia who was joined by Pierpaolo Guidi, Media Relations Agency Manager, Subito (Schibsted Media Group, Agnieszka Hoffmann, Client Manager at Millward Brown, Chechu Lasheras, Managing Director for Digital Business Development, PRISA, Tony Evans, Director of Marketing Science: EMEA, Facebook, Pawel Kolenda, Research Director at IAB Poland and Vice-Chair of the IAB Europe Research Committee.

More information about the jury members can be found online here.

Contact: Marie-Clare Puffett, Business Programmes Manager, IAB Europe:

IAB Europe
Rond-Point Robert
Schuman 11
1040 Brussels
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