Petal Ads is a fast-growing & industry-leading mobile ad platform for publishers, advertisers and marketers who want to drive growth and extend their audience.

Petal Ads helps partners achieve growth through its extensive platform of over 360,000 publishers globally and advertisers coming from a diverse range of over 200 industries. Agencies and businesses reach over 730M highly-engaged and high-value new customers across the Huawei ecosystem and beyond.

Innovation is part of the DNA of Petal Ads. Petal Ads provides first-class targeting solutions harnessing hardware, software and service insights, and using valuable knowledge gained from first party data and through an intelligent system of user tags to help advertisers with audience calculation, insight analysis, and retargeting. Agencies benefit from the extended and diverse new audience streams available through Petal Ads.

Petal Ads is the advertising platform for those who want a cost-effective way to reach untapped and valuable new audiences. Chosen by well-known partners, Petal Ads is award-winning with a commitment to security and user privacy, coupled with local and global support teams offering customized solutions.