The key mission of IAB Russia is to develop interactive advertising market in Russia. IAB Russia works closely with wide range of market stakeholders in order to achieve this goal.


Annual MIXX Russia Conference (15 May 2013).

Special Projects

Digital Ecosystem in Russia available here: https://iabrus.ru/des/


Board members and Staff:

Alexey Belyaev (Video International) – Head of Research Committee – abelyaev@vitpc.com
Boris Omelnitskiy –  President – bao@iabrus.ru
Valentin Smolyakov – CEO – v.smolyakov@akarussia.ru
Tatyana Shatalova – Head Manager  – tas@iabrus.ru
Ruslan Abdrakhmanov – PR manager – ruslan@iabrus.ru


Sushevsky Val, 16, bl. 5, office 1100
Moscow, Russia
Russia Desk: +7 495 6623988