Gemius is a business consulting company, providing data, solutions and recommendations in the area of online advertising campaigns’ management as well as websites’ monitoring and analysis as far as users’ profiles are concerned. The information provided by the company are the basis for everyday marketing activities of nearly two thousand companies from automotive, finance, pharmaceutical, telecommunications, commerce, FMCG and IT industries, the leading advertising agencies and ad networks, media houses as well as publishers and advertisers all over the world.

Gemius operates on 30 markets in Europe. With its local offices in more than a dozen countries, the company cooperates with industry organizations dedicated to global, as well as local development of the internet market.

Gemius runs its studies basing on its own methodology and technological infrastructure. The company employs around 300 experts, including IT specialists, mathematicians, sociologists and psychologists. Monthly, it analyses 300 billion events occurring in the virtual reality i.e. page views and clicks made by the internet users. Company’s studies are conducted with strict adherence to the ICC/ESOMAR international code of conduct. Gemius was founded in 1999.

The following Gemius products apply to the different measurement areas:

  • Viewability – gemiusAdreal, gemiusDirectEffect, gemiusPostBuy
  • Audience Demographic Verification –gemiusDirectEffect, gemiusPostBuy
  • Cross-Platform (Digital) Reach & Frequencey – gemiusAdreal, gemiusPostBuy
  • Cross-Media (offline and online) Reach and Frequency- gemiusAdreal
  • Multi-Touch Attribution – gemiusPostBuy