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Whitepaper – FreeWheel – Putting The Consumer At The Heart of Data Strategy

In March 2021, FreeWheel published their whitepaper on how identity management and privacy can coexist. 

Please see below for an introduction by Freewheel to the guide. 

Introduction: As the technology and legislation around data in the world of TV and premium video has evolved, the need for more robust identity management that addresses user privacy requirements is clear. To deliver more relevant and effective advertising, publishers are focused on the fine balance between connecting identity mechanisms across platforms, while ensuring consumers understand how their data is processed and that their privacy choices are addressed through transparency and control.  There have been positive signs of progress, particularly from some premium video stakeholders who have brought consumer privacy to the forefront of their strategy. This thought leadership report from the FreeWheel Council for Premium Video (FWC) addresses the evolving state of identity management in the world of premium video advertising.

You can access and download the report here – FreeWheel Identity Management Whitepaper March 2021

For further information, please visitPutting the Consumer at the Heart of Data Strategy – FreeWheel

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