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Webinar Recording – The Time To Act is Now: How Can We Address Sustainability in Digital Advertising?

On 7th April, IAB Europe hosted The Time to Act is Now: How Can We Address Sustainability in Digital Advertising? This eye-opening webinar was the perfect start to our new Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability series, in which we aim to discuss and debate the impact the digital advertising industry has on the wider world and what we can do to help tackle the issues.

The webinar began with an insightful keynote presentation from IAB Europe’s Chief Economist, Daniel Knapp on what sustainability is, why it matters to our industry today and how we, as an industry can approach the growing crisis.

This was then followed by a fantastic panel discussion. Sustainability enthusiasts from industry-leading companies Mediacom, PubMatic, Google and Microsoft looked at what’s next, and what can be done from the different corners of our ecosystem to help combat the problem. From creative to programmatic supply and beyond we unpacked how each element of our industry can make small changes today that can have a huge impact on tomorrow.

Finally, the webinar ended with a keynote presentation from sustainability expert Brian O’Kelley from Scope3 on how we can make sustainable advertising a reality.

If you missed the webinar, watch the recording on our Youtube channel here!

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