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Webinar Recording – Industry Insider with Xandr -What is the Future of Curated Marketplaces

On 15th June, IAB Europe hosted an Industry Insider with Xandr.

The webinar was hosted live and you can watch the recording here

Synopsis: In an increasingly fragmented supply landscape, access to inventory has become commoditised and buyers struggling to find the most efficient route to reach their desired audience. The loss of the third-party cookie may further accelerate this fragmentation as there will be more reliance on publishers’ first-party data and a dependency on multiple industry identifiers to achieve scale.

In this Industry Insider webinar with Xandr, they share why they believe curated marketplaces should, and will, become a key part of media buying strategies in the future.

You hear how curated marketplaces will make it possible for industry participants to easily build programmatic supply solutions with a broad array of features that combine high-quality inventory, new levels of transparency, and valuable audience and contexts at scale.

You also hear from a panel of experts about how agencies and marketers can successfully reach audiences without third-party cookies, take control of their supply paths, gain transparency and achieve differentiation

Watch the session recording here.

Download the Guide to Demystifying Curated Marketplaces here


  • Daniel Knapp, Chief Economist, IAB Europe
  • Miriam Thome, Director Marketplace Management, Xandr
  • Rafael Martinez, Programmatic Lead, Dentsu Spain
  • Leonel Silva, Global Brand & Media Senior Manager, Vodafone
  • Johann Hermann, COO, Nano Interactive

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