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Watch it Again! Industry Insider with OneTrust: Prioritising Data Transparency

This September, IAB Europe has been hosting a series of virtual events to discuss and debate trust and transparency in the digital advertising industry. A lack of transparency and accountability will cause notable friction in any value chain, especially in digital advertising. Our series of events will discuss what’s currently being done and what else needs to be done to ensure a sustainable future.

In this Trust and Transparency Industry Insider, OneTrust took over!

It’s hard to increase brand loyalty without offering consumers a clear view of why you need their data and how that data will be used. Data collection is essential to offering consumers a robust personalised shopping experience — yet without clear language and value exchange, consumers are often hesitant to share. As consumers become more educated on data collection, join us to learn how you can prioritise data transparency and share openly with consumers in order to build trust, gain loyalty and improve ROI.

Watch this session to:

  • Discover how to build trust with consumers through data transparency and clear consent messaging
  • Learn how to increase your marketable database through consented first-party data
  • Gain best practices for transforming digital experiences in the age of modern privacy

Speaker: Bally Lotay, Senior Solutions Engineer

Watch now!

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