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[Webinar Recording] TCF – CTV and Consent with Sibbo and Sourcepoint

On the 29th of November, IAB Europe hosted a Transparency & Consent Framework (TCF) webinar with a special focus on CTV.  Sibbo and Sourcepoint joined the session to discuss best practices for the industry when it comes to CTV and consent, what solutions exist and how stakeholders can adhere to privacy and data protection regulations.

Watch the recording here and download Sibbo and Sourcepoint’s presentations below.

Host: Helen Mussard, Chief Marketing Officer, IAB Europe 


Ninon Vagner, Privacy and Compliance Manager, IAB Europe



Agustin Perez Buendia CEO, Sibbo



Miguel Alvarez Hevia CMP Business Development Manager, Sibbo



Pat Effinger, US Client Services Director, Sourcepoint 



Chris Maurer, Solutions Consulting Director Sourcepoint 



Watch the Recording Here.

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