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New Research from Freewheel – Viewers Insights CTV-AVOD 2021

In April 2021, Freewheel released a new study that looks into the use of Connected TVs to access VOD content.

Conducted in collaboration with independent, consumer-focused market research company – Happydemics, the Viewers Insights CTV-AVOD study aims to discover how viewers use video devices and platforms, understand the reasons behind their preferences, and explore attitudes towards free-to-access video platforms with advertising. The survey was carried out in the UK, France, Germany, and Italy.

The results reveal that remarkable 70% of consumers across France, Germany, Italy and the UK have already connected their TV set to the internet, illustrating TV watching is now a predominantly connected experience across much of Europe. In the UK and France this figure is even higher at 80% and 77% respectively.     

For further findings, download the full report below. 

For more information on the survey and to access stand-alone studies for individual countries check out the article here.

For an insightful overview of the survey, watch the video here

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