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FreeWheel Council for Premium Video and MTM Report: The State of European TV Attribution

TV is becoming increasingly data-enabled and buy- side and sell-side industry participants are gaining access to more and more viewer data. This enables new offerings of advanced TV attribution products to the market, allowing advertisers to match viewer outcomes (e.g. offline/online traffic or sales, brand metrics and TV tune-in) to TV advertising exposure with increasing levels of accuracy. To some extent, the TV industry is responding to developments in the online advertising market, where advertisers are able to see the impact of digital campaign touchpoints on online conversions and sales, often in real-time. Some digital campaign reports even offer the ability to track offline activity.

This report by the FreeWheel Council for Premium Video and MTM focuses on the emergent state of TV attribution in Europe: where it is today, the vendor landscape, broadcaster initiatives and the key challenges the industry will need to overcome in order for advanced TV attribution to reach its full potential. The report uses interviews with industry stakeholders to inform its findings. Interviewees include representatives from European media agencies, tech vendors, trade bodies and broadcaster / pay-TV sales houses.

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