Intellectual Property Rights Online

On 1 July 2014, the European Commission published a Communication on the Action Plan ‘Towards a renewed consensus on the enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights’ (IPR) in which it paved the way towards a ‘follow the money’ approach, seeking to deprive commercial scale infringers of the revenue flows that drive them into their activities. To do so, the Commission is facilitating the development of voluntary Memoranda of Understanding to reduce the profits of commercial-scale intellectual property infringements in the online environment, following Stakeholder Dialogues involving advertising service providers, payment services and shippers.

IAB Europe is collaborating with other industry players and the European Commission on drafting the principles to which signatories to an eventual Memorandum of Understanding should comply with, representing the online advertising industry’s willingness to combat IPR infringement on a commercial scale.

In it’s DSM Strategy, the Commission also committed to renewing the European copyright framework to better suit the digital age, which it delivered upon with a Copyright Directive after months of contentious debate in May 2019.

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