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HOW TO WEB CONFERENCE’ 30-31 October 2019, Bucharest, Romania

Initially launched as an event focused startup founders, How to Web is addressing now everyone who is developing and growing digital products, addressing topics such as product management, UX, growth hacking, sales and team development etc. Through a partnership with IAB, your team can buy tickets with a 20% discount. Interested? Please contact IAB Romania.

This year marks the tenth edition od How to Web and will focus on Better Products + Faster Growth, gathering a wealth of international brands: from Dropbox, Shopify, Booking.com, Uber, Seedcamp, Airbnb, Pinterest, to Google, GrowthHackers, TypingDNA, Revolut, Eventbrite, Fitbit, Bitdefender, 2checkout, Omniconvert, just to name a few. The 2019 edition of How to Web boasts 50+ speakers, 1,500+ managers and tech/digital products developers, C-level execs, founders, online marketers, 100+ startups, accelerators and corporate innovation leaders.

Renowned experts will attend the conference and talk about topics like:

GROWTH – Growth hacking, Product Positioning; Sales & marketing for digital

Sean Ellis (GrowthHackers) – Founder of the worldwide Growth Hacking movement and “Hacking Growth” co-author

April Dunford (Ambient Strategy) – Product positioning expert with 16 products launched, author of ”Obviously Awesome”

Michael Perry (Shopify) – Director of Product, Marketing Technology

PRODUCT – Frameworks for developing better tech products; Product Metrics; UX / UI; User-centred design

Bob Moesta (Re-Wired Group) – Pioneer of the Jobs To Be Done Theory, expert on creating, developing & launching of new products & services

Dave Hogue (UX Design Lead Google) – product frameworks, UX in tech/digital

Sean Sheppard (Founder GrowthX) – product/market fit for exceeding client expectation

Marcin Grodzicki, Product manager at Sotrender – product metrics and decision taking

TEAMS – Organising outperforming tech/digital teams; OKRs; Team culture;

Alan Clayton, Mentor, SOSV – will discuss building successful teams, after a strong background work experience with 700+ teams

The full list of speakers is here https://www.howtoweb.co/speakers/ and the most important speakers will also be available for extra Q&A sessions.

Also, the keynoters will hold 3 hands-on workshops, each of 8 hours:

 – Growth Hacking Framework – Founder of the worldwide Growth Hacking movement and “Hacking Growth” co-author, growth hacker al Dropbox, Eventbrite, Logmein etc.

 – Jobs To Be Done – Bob Moesta, co-arhitect of the “Jobs to be Done” product framework

 – Product/Market Fit – Sean Sheppard, expert in launching tech products

There are 2 more days left of EARLY BIRD TICKETS (-30 EUR). Tickets can be purchased online at https://www.howtoweb.co/tickets. For groups of a minimum of 4 people we can provide custom-made discounts.

You can find more details on the conference website here: www.howtoweb.co