IAB Europe Digital Advertising Glossary

For a newcomer to the online advertising scene, an industry steeped in acronyms and specialised terminology, the task of unraveling its intricacies might seem daunting at first. The IAB Europe Digital Advertising Glossary is a resource that comes to supplement and support any initiative in the field of digital advertising training. Whether this is a personal endeavor you have embarked on, or are an organisation training the next generation of professionals in this field, the IAB Europe Digital Advertising Glossary is here to shed light on the often confusing jargon characteristic to online advertising.

National and corporate members of IAB Europe have come together to create this constantly evolving resource. In an industry which grows, shifts and transforms at breakneck speed, staying relevant means keeping up to date with the latest developments, hot topics and buzz words. That is why content is added on a regular basis, with knowledge and input provided by key industry players drawn from white papers, reports, research papers and hands-on expertise.

Access the Glossary here.

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