Member news: Adform launches digital advertising certification program to provide relevant and rewarding industry insight  

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The Adform Certification Program is designed to promote openness within the digital media industry by providing further insight and access to the operational aspects of digital advertising.

Adform launches its Certification Program, designed to promote knowledge sharing within the industry by providing access to more detailed, independent and open information to refine industry knowledge of digital display advertising.

The educational program is available to Adform clients and is designed to present further opportunities to those working within the industry by extending professional networks, expanding understanding and providing the opportunity for individuals to excel in a fast-paced, but somewhat fragmented, industry.

Martin Stockfleth Larsen, CMO at Adform, comments:

You wouldn’t do a heart surgery without a doctors degree, so why aren’t we expecting to see some sort of knowledge standard within our industry. This Certification Program aims to provide an approximate guide which we as Europe’s largest and leading ad tech company believe is needed in order to move and educate the market at large”.

Check the Adform Certification Program here.

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