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VMAP is an XML template that video content owners and ad networks can use to schedule multiple ad insertions from a single tag. It is an ad response format that allows the definition of the number of ad pods and how long each should be for the full piece of content. VMAP allows content owners, who don’t control the video player or the content distribution network to pre-define the ad breaks in their content when their content plays in a third-party video player. Many content owners retain the contractual right to control the ad ‘playlist’ within their content, but without control of the video player, defining the ad playlist has been next to impossible. With the release of VMAP, control of the ad playlist is now available to the content owner.

VAST supports the ability to serve multiple ads in a single VAST ad response. A set of sequenced ads in a VAST response plays back-to-back ads as a “pod,” similar to how consumers experience commercial ad breaks in broadcast television. With the introduction of VMAP, ad breaks can be specifically designed to accept Ad Pods and any combination of single ads, random sets of ads and structured ad pods. VMAP can include nested VAST 3.0 tags as well as the ability to serve multiple ads in a single ad response, however VAST 2.0 is still widely used, as often the need is only to deliver one ad at a time. [1]

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